A night with the best chefs of Poznan

A night with the best chefs of Poznan

Last Friday we went to the food event Poznańscy Kucharze Razem (Poznans best chefs together). It was the third edition of this event, which was held at the ballroom of Bazar 1838.

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It seemed to be the social gathering of the year and was really well organised. We were having fun with our friends and really enjoyed the evening. It was great having all the best chefs together, cooking together and obviously enjoying themselves as well. It’s a night without competition, just good food.


The participating chefs were: Jacek Fedde (Bazar 1838), Ernest Jagodziński (Cucina), Dawid Łagowski (Pałac Mierzęcin), Dominik Brodziak (Hotel Park), Michał Kuter (A nóż widelec), Tomasz Purol (Blow Up Hall 5050), Artur Skotarczak (Muga), Dominika Słaboń & Grzegorz Olejarka (Hotel Mandarin Oriental in London), Roman Kosmalski (Hotel Ilonn), Dominik Narloch, Sergiusz Hieronimczak, Jakub Kasprzak and Patryk Dziamski.


The event was very well organized by host Bazar 1838. We were welcomed with a glass of champagne and various amuses. I only made a photo of one; a chocolate ball filled with veil marrow and accompanied by cheese and miniature strawberry. It was a strange but good sensation in your mouth. There was also smoked salmon on a thin piece of dried lemon (the acidity was too overwhelming), a fish croquet (ok but could use a bit more oomph), scallops on a piece of apple with a slice of black pudding (was my favourite), something with beef tail and herring (I didn’t have this one). The whole event did take a bit to long. The reception took about an hour after which we were escorted to the dinning room (ballroom). There they took forever to introduce all the chefs, organization and sommelier. All in Polish… We saw we weren’t the only ones wanting to get on with it. The sommelier was waiting to serve his champagne and the chefs were a bit nervous.

The service by the waiters was very professional and efficient. Every dish was accompanied by it’s own wine, explained by the sommelier. The food looked perfect and the company was great. We didn’t like all the dishes though. Some were too pretentious with to much going on on a plate. With many bold flavours in one dish that didn’t complement each other. One example of this was the dessert with pumpkin, chestnut icecream, marinated raspberries, red beet jelly, honey comb and salt flake crusts. One bite of these salt crusts caused you to not being able to taste the rest of the dish.

The chefs did really make an effort in creating very creative dishes that looked spectacular.

The cold starter was goose in a ball of jelly (very Polish to use lots of jelly) with blood and icecream. It looked great but tasted a bit to strange for me.

The warm starter was a fish sausage with a red cabbage sauce and parsnip. Great idea, perhaps a bit overcooked and could have been a smaller portion.

The soup was made by chef Dominik Narloch from Hugo (opening again soon on Garbary). It was soup from ducks blood with a marjoram emulsion and dried fruit. This was a very specific taste that not many at our table fully appreciated but all thought was special.

we had fun

we had fun

For our fish dish we had a very pretty dish by chef Artur Skotarczak from Muga; catfish with pumpkin and lemon balm. This was a great and very tasty dish!

The main meat dish was prepared by chef Tomasz Purol from BlowUp Hall 5050. It was probably my favourite dish with a very tender piece of venison with oyster and beetroot. Makes me think I might need to give his restaurant a second chance…

After the dessert we had petit fours with coffee (no tea! strange as many don’t drink coffee….). The petit fours looked amazing and tasted the same. There was a pink macaron with chocolate filling, canneloni with apple pie filling (although mine wasn’t filled properly), a trufle with almond and plums, almond caramel brittle (cannot go wrong on this one) with pumpkin seeds and the least favourite part of it a fried ball (to dry) with confiture.

It was a wonderful night and I’m looking forward to visiting the chefs in their own restaurants. The first one being chef Dominik Brodziak from Park Hotel (at Malta Lake) who started there two months ago after working at Enjoy Restaurant. 🙂

my menu with notes and autographs of the chefs

my menu with notes and autographs of the chefs

The photo’s that say (c) Dominik Brodziak are taken by Jakub Pindich. The rest are taken by either myself (food photos) or Yvonne Okarmus. Thanks Yvonne and Jakub!

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