My favourite foodblogs

My favourite foodblogs

I want to share some of my favourite food-blogs with you. I get a lot of inspiration from reading cookbooks but also from other blogs and mainly from watching their food photography. The photos are what gets me hungry to try something.

As I’m Dutch ofcourse I read lots of dutch blogs as well, but for most of you it’s no point in posting them here. You won’t be able to read them… But I will tell you which ones I like: Uit Paulines KeukenKookmeisje and Brenda Kookt are some of my favourites.

My favourite English language foodblogs are (in no particular order):

What Katie Ate is a very pretty blog with wonderful photography and great, tasty recipes. Katie has published a few books and writes on her blog about food, her work and things she likes.




My American friend Lois (who moved back to the States this year) writes as the Polish Housewife. She shares Polish recipes she found while living in Poznan, stories about being an expat and other things that interest her.



I really like Nigel Slater. He’s a great cookbook author and I love reading trough my Nigel Slater books; ‘the Kitchen Diaries’ and ‘Tender’ volumes one and two. But he has a great website as well, where he shares recipes, shows his garden and where you can look up his TV shows (he has made some great cooking programs).

nigel slater


nigel slater2

Cookie + Kate is another one of my favourite blogs. Mainly because I really like her photography and styling. But also, Kate has great vegetarian dishes and interesting ideas on food. She will publish her first cookbook soon.



Kevin and Amanda write about travel and cooking on the same blog. It makes it different and interesting to read. The sweet recipes are great (still want to make this dark chocolate salted caramel Oreo pie they have on their blog) and the photography beautiful. is definitely worth a visit.




Steph writes a lot of recipes on her blog I am a Foodblog and I’m getting hungry from most. As usual it’s the great photography that does the trick, as well as the variety in recipes.



Donna Hay is a famous chef and cookbook author with her own magazine, tv-programs etc. So it’s no surprise her website is pretty commercial. But I like it none the less. She has very appetizing recipes on it and I like browsing her site.




The same is true for Jamie Oliver. Everyone knows him, his food, cookbooks and cooking programs. His site is commercial but brilliant. There are lots of recipes, tips and videos and I absolutely like the style of it.



I hope my favourite blogs gives you some inspiration to search the web. And you might find some great new recipes to try this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!!

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