The best icecream in Poznan

The best icecream in Poznan

By Magda Laufer

Icecream sommeliers!

As the summer is hot and shiny, there is a large necessity to find some way of dealing with it somehow. Shadow is not enough, air-conditioning is so overrated, and cold drinks are so cliché. The perfect solution would be something, that gives you relief and pleasure at same time. Whatever you just thought about, the right answer is: ICECREAM!!!


When the idea is there, the perfect realization has to be found. That is why we took the challenge to find the perfect place, that fulfill all the requirements like: perfect taste, ideal texture and this something that makes you feel good, without any regrets that you can gain weight, because such a good thing can not harm you… world would not be that cruel right?!

After two months of hard job, of tasting both different and same flavors in some places round Poznań, we finally found the place, that you can definitely call an Olimp where they serve an ice-cream ambrosia! It‘s called: Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych. They have two locations in Poznań, but our place is at Kościelna street.

Although you cannot fell the taste from reading a text, just try to imagine perfect combination of sweetness and sourness of blackberries, or ideal daquas taste which is not insipid at all, or the creme brulee closed in ice-ceam portion… this is exactly what you can find there. The big advantage of the place is, that they are producing at the place from natural ingredients and each day you can find different flavors. We already have our top 3 that we are always eager to eat: salted carmel, blueberry, traditional cream taste… and actually even more… 😉 Chart is changing each time when we are trying something new.

By Malwina Mazur


Malwina hard at work, testing the icecream


Classification of Ice Cream Shops

As there are a lot of chemicals in foods, juices ect. people started to look for natural ingredients. We can find a lot of shops with natural ingredients like bread, milk, flour. This applies to ice cream as well. In Poznan we can find a lot of natural ice cream shops.
They do not add any extra chemical ingredients. You can really taste the difference.

The best ice cream shops in Poznan are:

  1. Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych- Koscielna Street number 52
  2. Marina – Moleculat Ice cream – Matyji Street number 1
  3. Kolorowa- Plac Wolnosci Street

  4. Amore Bio Gelato- Sw Marcin street numer 38 and Dabrowka

1) Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych

nr 1 icecream shop in Poznan

nr 1 icecream shop in Poznan

  1. Wytwórnia Lodów Tradycyjnych- for me number one because of the taste and portions. The best flavors for me are : salt caramel, bilberry, cream. You can buy everyday different flavors like lemonade sorbet with parsley, mars snickers, kinder bueno and millions different. Every day you can check on facebook what is served. Price for one portion is 4 pln. I always take three. Disadvantage- queue of people but in other hand it means that a lot of people also like it the most and another disadvantage: no possibility to pay by card

Marina 2

nr 2 Poznan icecream shop

nr 2 Poznan icecream shop

  1. Second place- Marina- Only one place where you can see how your ice cream is made. Guy makes it next to you with a mixer and after that he adds liquid nitrogen which looks spectacular. The best flavor here is cream. You have the feeling that you drink natural cream. Two disadvantages– even if there are only four people inside – you have to wait sometimes half an hour to receive your ice cream. There is also no possibility to pay by card.


icecream salon Kolorowa

nr 3 icecream salon: Kolorowa

  1. Kolorowa- The best place when you are searching for a lot of different flavors. You do not have to wait so long. They have around 10 flavors per day. On their Facebook page you can check what is served each day. I have tried dacquoise and lemon sorbet. They were very nice.

Amore bio gelato logo

nr 4 Amore Bio Gelato

nr 4 Amore Bio Gelato

  1. Amore Bio Gelato- I visited it often because it is close to home, in Dąbrówka.

    My favorite flavors: banana sorbet, chocolate with orange, licorice.

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