The top pizza places in Poznan

The top pizza places in Poznan

I think almost everyone sometimes really craves a good pizza. There are many Italian restaurants in Poznan and surrounding area but what are the best pizza places?

In our family we have the real pizza (Catoo and Onno) and pasta lovers (Jip always requests pasta). I love both but do always like to test the lasagna at restaurants. Although I often prefer my own home-made one. Onno always prefers lasagna made by me so he never orders it. For this ‘best pizza of Poznan’ test I have asked my Facebook friends which pizza restaurant is their favourite in and around Poznan and than ate at all these places. Life is so hard 😉


We have tested the following restaurants (in no particular order): Armando, Cucina, Bar a Boo, Olivio, Pizza e Pezze and Tutti Santi. In most we ordered a pizza and a plate of lasagna.

As expected when testing the favourites of my friends, these restaurants were all pretty good but I still managed to come to a ranking.

Tutti Santi won some awards. Bar a boo calls their pizza the best in Poznan. But is it?

Things that are very important for good pizzas: a wood stoked oven, fresh ingredients and a good crust (made with the right dough). In a wood fired oven the temperature will be about 450°C and your pizza will be ready in 90 seconds. In a conventional oven the temperature is a lot lower and the cooking time longer. The best restaurants all have their oven in the restaurant where you can see it and watch the chef create your pizza. Kids often find it very interesting to watch the process of kneading and trowing the dough to stretch it and the subsequent making of the pizza.


My review of the restaurants in the order we went to eat there.


Olivio is a nice small, cozy restaurant just off the old square (Stary Rynek). They have a few small 2-person tables and three bigger tables with cozy rounded sofas. The decor is nice and homey (although there are French pots in this Italian restaurant) and the waitresses very kind.


Onno liked the Italian beer

Onno liked the Italian beer

As we visited this place without the kids, we ordered starters as well. I had a Tuna Carpaccio with lemon which was a bit to sour. The tuna was tender but not great. Onno had a Beef Carpaccio which was OK but a bit to cold (get it out of the fridge in time!). A good thing was the fresh pepper they had to use. And we really liked the fresh pizza bread that came with the starter. So easy to do for pizza restaurants but they hardly ever do it. But the bread could be improved with some rosemary, sea salt and olive oil.

carpaccio and tuna carpaccio delicious bread

The chef is British who lived in Italy and he doesn’t have a wood stoked oven but conventional electric pizza oven.

menu Olivio

As a main course I ordered the Lasagna Bolognese which was well seasoned but had to many layers close to each other making it to thick. It was not top, not bad but also not special.

Onno had a pizza Prosciutto i Rukola. The rocket salad was to bitter and was covered with way to much ham on top. Which should be the other way around so the rocket doesn’t warm up and looks bad. The taste was a bit blend. The positive was that the crust was nice and thin and they offer spicy or garlic oils as dressing.

dinner Olivio

As dessert we had a Tiramisu and Semifreddo. We should not have done that. The Tiramisu had to much egg white and no Amaretto taste. The Semifreddo was OK on it’s own but ruined with fruit sauce (typically Polish; the all ruin perfectly good cakes and desserts with fruit sauces).

tiramisu and semi-freddo

One thing most restaurants in Poznan do wrong is not to ask if we would like a cup of tea/coffee or the bill after dessert. Waiters tend to let you sit after dessert without paying further attention. This totally bugs me; I’m still your guest after dinner and might want more.

Olivio is located at ul.Świętosławska 11

Olivio restaurant


This restaurant is great with kids in summer or spring when you can sit outside because they have a large garden with playground. Inside they have a small play area for kids. We sat at the table right beside this play area. The decor of the restaurant is basic but OK (not cozy). It can feel a tad to big when there are no other guests in the same area (you can also sit outside in front or upstairs) as it is a very big place. There is an open bar and pizza kitchen which is nice. Just a shame that they’ve put up a beamer and screen above the bar. This is a major distraction when you’re having dinner. The location is a bit outside of the city, in Komorniki, but easy to reach by car.

The restaurant has a very friendly staff who don’t speak English (but we got by with basic Polish and they loved us trying to speak their language). They have a real wood stoked pizza oven and large choice in pizzas. But also offer pasta, meat and fish dishes (we didn’t try these).

The Pizza Prosciutto Crudo had a nice crust with good cheese but was scarcely covered with ham. It could have benefited from a bit more ham and some rocket salad.

The Pizza Tonno had a great crust but also lacked in topping. It could be improved with more herbs and red onions instead of white ones.

The Lasagna Bolognese looked like a dessert with balsamic vinegar drizzled on the plate. This made the whole dish smell of it which is not OK for a lasagna. It was obviously reheated (like they often do in restaurants) causing the bottom to be to hard in places.

2015-09-04 18.54.59

My opinion: the lasagna was better at Olivio. The pizza would be better than at Olivio but needs some more/better topping. Great place with kids when you can sit outside.

Młyńska 1, Poznan-Komorniki


If you want a quick bite to eat this could be the place to get it. Pizza e Pezzi has great, fast pizza slices with great crust, good toppings and nice, English speaking staff. The pizzas are obviously reheated but the taste is still there. The only time it’s not as good as it should be is with pizzas with rocket on top. This will just waste away under the grill. The place itself looks nice and there are a few places to sit as well.

2015-09-12 14.06.24

As this is not a ‘real’ pizza restaurant I won’t be putting this one up on my score card. But it gets an honorable shout-out for great pizza on the take.

2015-09-12 14.06.16

ul. Ratajczaka 36

2015-09-12 14.05.27


Tutti Santi is situated behind the Stary Browar park on ul. Ogrodowa 10. It’s a franchise restaurants with branches in other cities as well. The place looks pretty small form the outside but is in fact a lot bigger. The decor is nice, light and the restaurant has an open pizza kitchen with wood stoked oven.

They don’t have a play area for kids but were OK with our kids running around (not so much it bothered other guests ofcourse).


This is a real pizzeria as it should be. Great selection of pizzas and the option to choose buffalo mozzarella instead of the cheaper cow milk one. They also sell a selection of Italian delicacies such as olive oils, canned tuna, olives and pasta flour.

2015-11-08 14.00.17

We had a Pizza Margherita DOP (with buffalo mozzarella) and a Pizza Parma. The crust was really good. The only thing we didn’t really like was the sandy flour (which comes from the flour choice for the dough) on the crust. The topping was great.

I had a lasagna and was happy with it. May have been a bit to condensed (to many layers) but the taste was great. It was certainly the best looking lasagna from all restaurants. I actually think I’d place it on first position for best lasagna in Poznan.

2015-11-08 13.37.17

ul. Ogrodowa 10

tutti santi

Cucina 88

Cucina 88 is located in City Park and is a nice looking big restaurant with a big lobster tank in the middle of the room. They have a good wood stoked pizza oven and also do pizza take-out or delivery.


When you have dinner at the restaurant it’s much more of a traditional restaurant than an Italian pizza restaurant. They have a menu with fish, meat and lobster dishes and aims to be high cuisine. So it feels a bit odd ordering pizza in this place. Even though I think it might be the best they do. The restaurant does have a little play area and also a special kids menu.

The waiters are nice but distant and it’s sometimes hard to get their attention. The restaurant has a large wine selection and our waiter certainly made it his mission to sell us wine. As I had to drive I couldn’t and Onno only wanted one glass of white wine to go with his fish (fish in a salt crust, served at the table). But the waiter kept trying to sell us a glass of champagne; it’s a promotion! We don’t give a f…! We don’t want a glass of champagne. No means no. I don’t really like the vibe in this restaurant.

Onno had a bream baked in sea salt with creamy risotto and veggies

Onno had a bream baked in sea salt with creamy risotto and veggies

Onno had the bream baked in a sea salt crust and served at the table: the waiter filleting the fish and making it look bad on the plate. Onno had rather done that himself but probably most people don’t. The fish itself was OK but not special, the risotto hard to recognize as such and the ‘seasonal vegetables’ definitely not seasonal (unless you mean they are seasonal in Kenia etc).

If you want to go for pizza in this restaurant I would suggest going for lunch as that’s always more relaxed.

I had the Pizza Formaggio with mozzarella, goats cheese, feta and gorgonzola. It was a really good pizza with a nice thin crust. Nothing wrong here!

quattro formaggio

As a dessert I had a piece of Meringue pie which was, as tradition in Polish restaurants, accompanied with fruit sauce. Thankfully it was not covering the pie so it didn’t ruin the dessert. It was good but nothing special.

Bar a Boo

This restaurant is pretty hard to recognize as an Italian restaurant. If I didn’t know better I would think it was a small bar. You go through a dark alley and enter the restaurant to find a very busy (at least in the weekend) large, two floor, restaurant. You will be greeted by a waitress at the entrance and shown to your table. The restaurant has bars and open pizza kitchens (with wood stoked ovens) on both floors. If you have a choice I would suggest sitting upstairs is the best. They have lots of tables but it can be totally packed (as it was on the Saturday afternoon when we visited) so you might want to make a reservation. There is also room for bigger groups upstairs. The restaurant doesn’t have a play area for kids (or high chairs) but if you sit upstairs in the furthest most room you could just bring your own toys and let the kids play on the floor. The waitress did bring a cup of colouring pencils and paper. The restaurant does have free WiFi so the kids were nice and quiet watching videos on my phone.

The concept of the restaurant works pretty well for a place as busy as this one. You order at the bar and pay right away. The waitress will than bring you the food and drinks. Because it was so busy when we were there they told us that our pizzas would take 30 minutes and if we would like the pasta (for the kids) quicker. That was very considerate. The pasta than arrived within 5 minutes.

menu Bar a Boo

The kids had a Spaghetti Bolognese which was very basic but the pasta was good and al dente. It was good for the kids but I wouldn’t order it for myself or recommend it to other adults.

2015-12-05 14.06.58

We ordered a Pizza Pepperoni and a Pizza Prosciutto i Rucola. They had a perfect thin crust and good fresh ingredients. I kind of forgot that pepperoni is so spicy so it was a bit to much for me. Onno had the pizza with ham, rocket and fresh cherry tomatoes. It was pizza perfection.

As we were sitting close to the kitchen I got to see everything coming past. And I was just salivating… everything looked tasty, fresh and just plain good. Next time I will try one of the salads because those stood out for me watching them come by.


But yeah, this place is definitely our top 1 pizza restaurant in Poznan! Now you know our new favourite pizza hang-out in Poznan.

Ul. Taczaka 11/2

Bar a Boo

My top 3 pizza places in Poznan

  1. Bar a Boo
  2. Tutti Santi
  3. Cucina88

Armando could win if they improve the topping. They already have the best crust in Poznan.

2015-12-05 14.36.52

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