What I have learned from writing a foodblog

What I have learned from writing a foodblog

It’s a new year! For some a new beginning, for others time to reflect and many more will just continue what they have been doing.

For me it’s been a time to think about my blog, what my goals was and if I still want to continue.


People who know me will say it’s another unfinished Debbie project if I stop now. I say I have learned a lot about blogging, myself and what I really want. I never see an unfinished project as a failure but something to learn and grow from. So I wouldn’t consider myself a quitter if I decide to stop now. I might be a early finisher šŸ™‚ But I think I truly am a starter. I love starting new projects, working on ideas and developing these things. But yeah, I have to agree, finishing them is not my strong suit… Bringing them to a (untimely) close is.

What I learned from writing a blog is that I don’t like the necessity to post articles on a regular (at least twice a week) basis. I’d rather wait till I have inspiration to write something I really want to share. I also discovered (or kind of knew before) that I do enjoy writing as long as it’s at the moment I want to write. I feel like writing a website might be a bit old fashioned as wellĀ as it’s to slow and more suitable as a medium of reference. I like the fast media like Instagram and Facebook much more. I find myself posting there on a regular basis and it doesn’t feel like a chore.

What I learned from my blog:

  • There are already so many very talented food bloggers who are much better at writing than me. If I write a blog I want it to matter, make a difference or at least be different (see my blog post on good blogs)
  • I am not a food stylist and don’t have the patience to style my food the way it should be on a proper blog
  • I like the creation process
  • I was aiming for way to much on my blog
  • I don’t have enough inspiration to create new recipes every week
  • I do like to share our dinner each day but on Instagram, without writing entire recipes and stories. Instagram is the place for me!
  • I really enjoy writing restaurant reviews and giving tips on things they canĀ improve
  • If you want to have a good food blog at this time you also need good instruction videos
  • I like doing photo shoots and writing recipes when I want to and have inspiration, not when I have to
  • I am proud of many of the articles I posted on this blog
  • I really enjoy the cooperation with others, and loveĀ the guest blog posts from Malwina & Magda about the best icecream shops and the one from Yuni about Indonesian Perkadel
  • I do like sharing my finds online with others, so if I find good videos, tasty recipes etc I would love to share those with you. Either here on the website or on Facebook.

I keep putting pressure on my shoulders while I have the luxury right now not to need a job so why do this? Probably because of outside pressure; people expecting you to work and asking about it. I do like to be able to say I’m a foodblogger. But who am I kidding?! I still have a ton of work I want to do (that I can’t with a ‘real’ job); things like making 5 photo books from the past 3 years, making baby playmats etc (I like sowing these things), still have to go through all our junk/wardrobes/storage and throw things out. And I want to spend time with creative friends, helping people with new projects (I do love the thought process) and being able to step in at ad hoc projects whenever something pops up. And life with the kids will only get busier so I will have to make the best of my time in the months to come.

cooking with the kids can be lots of fun (or frustration)

cooking with the kids can be lots of fun (or frustration)

So I will absolutely continue but will probably not write on a very regular basis on this page. Please follow me on Instagram where I do post 2 or 3 times a day as Debbie’s Choice and/or Facebook.


I hope 2016 will be a great year for all of you!!

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